Cales by Linda Frolund

Let us sweeten your Wedding Day.

Shopping Tips



     What is the diameter of each tier?

        What is the cost of each serving?

          What does delivery charge include?

             How big is a serving?

                What is Butter Cream icing?

                  What is fondant?

                     What is Italian Butter Cream icing?

                       Can I get a sample to taste?

                         Are cup cakes available?  Do they have fillings?

 Will my cake be picture ready with flowers arranged on the cake top, sides and around the base?  

Who provides the fresh flowers?  The bride or the bakery?

Hand made sugar flowers are they an added cost?

Will your CATER  charge to cut the cake?

Can I take left over cake home after the party?



   FIRST and foremost, appearance should not exceed taste.  An elegant cake will stand straight and never be overly decorated.  Floral arrangements on and between the tiers will give an overall polished look.

       If you plan to do price comparisons with local bakeries, you must have the size (diameter) of each tier to get a true picture of how much cake you are really getting.  Some smaller wedding cakes can serve a large crowd only because the servings are "taste" size, or approximately bite sized.  A generous serving should be the size of a deck of cards.

      When ordering take your time. This is a large expense in your wedding budget and should be exactly what you want. It is wise to reserve your party date early.  Six months to a year advance reservation is perfect.  August, September and October are busy wedding months and definately require advance date reservation.

           CALL YOUR BAKER one week before the party to reconfirm the order and delivery time.






The cost of your wedding cake will be determined by the guest count. Usually that will be firmed up a week before your party and the cost will adjust at that point.



Prices to fit your budget:


        A.)   $3.25 each serving for a tiered centerpiece cake using flavors listed below. This price includes the fillings of your choice.  Consider having each tier different for the sake of variety.


         B.)   $1.75 each serving for an EXTRA SIDE Cake that is served from the kitchen.  Sometimes called "Groomscake" to honor the grooms flavor choice.  As opposed to sheet cake, this a  DOUBLE LAYER cake and has fillings to choose from as well. 


       C.) Cupcakes in Swedish tulip wrappers,  $3.00 each iced in Buttercream or Chocolate frosting.   Cupcakes are filled with  cheese cake centers,  raspberry,  Bavarian cream  or    Italian Butter cream  centers for added moistness. (fillings are included in price).


CLEAR GLASS or BISQUE cake displays available to rent:

***Ask about our individual table white bisque cupcake plateaus for rent at $6.00 for each table of 8 guests.

***OR LARGE GLASS tiered cupcake tower.  Rental fee of $30.00 includes twinkle lights under bottom tier.  (See photo of the cupcake tower in the Arboretum photo gallery.)



        D.)  $3.50 each serving for Carrot cake with cream cheese filling and iced with a cream cheese butter cream.


        E.)  $4.00  each serving for double layer White/Chocolate TUXEDO CAKE with mousse filling. Iced with cocoa butter cream and coated with dark chocolate gnash.

      **  A less expensive TUXEDO cake without the dark chocolate gnash coating is $3.50 each serving 


         F.)  Individual Guest favor:   OVERSIZED FORTUNE COOKIE  with thank you message from bride and groom. $2.50 each. 

**See sample photo in Arboretum Photos.





       This fee applys to deliveries within a 30 mile radius of Chaska, Minnesota.  It assures you that your cake will be assembled with flowers arranged on the cake and around the table.  * Flowers are provided by your Florist. When we leave the party room your cake will be photo ready.

Deliverys to the U. of M. Arboretum, Chanhassen/ FREE





       This fee guarantees that your party date is reserved on our calendar.  This fee is totally refunded upon return of cake plateau or the non food cake parts.  Appoint a friend or family member to take them home after the reception.  Deposit fee will be refunded upon return to Linda Frolund.

     NOTE: Any damage to the Silver Plateau or glass cake plateau will result in the forfeiture of the deposit money.


Cake Flavors & Fillings



  For an elegant dinner party, a special desert is a must.    Since cake is a traditional wedding desert, it is nice to dress it up with tasty fillings.  Three simple cake flavors are the foundation for pleasing a crowd.  Now mix and match from our filling choices and you will be sure to have a variety for everyone to choose from.  All our cakes are iced in Old Fashioned Butter Cream for easy cutting.






                                     l.) Party White Lady Baltimore **            

                                   2.) Marble cake **                                     

                               3.)  Chocolate cake**                                 

                    4.)   Tuxedo Cake with Cream cheese Mousse filling.

5.)   Carrot Cake with Cream cheese filling.

6.)    Cup Cakes with cheese cake centers.   

 Iced in Butter cream or Chocolate frosting.

Cupcakes are medium size with Swedish tulip liners.





                                          FILLING FLAVORS:   

                          ( **These fillings only apply to cake Flavors 1,2, & 3)              

                                            Low Sugar Raspberry

 Raspberry Cream Cheese Mousse

Low Sugar Strawberry

Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse

Plain Cream Cheese Mousse

Mango Cream Cheese Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

Freshly made Lemon Curd

Fudge icing

Vanilla or Almond Butter Cream

Bavarian Cream



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