cakes on website cakes on website Award won from Best of Weddings Minneapolis, Mn. 108138029 Interlachen Country Club, Edina Minnesota Four inch flower pack with a silver cake plateau. 33648941 Square two tier Small party for 40 guests. 33645424 Square two tier Small party for 40 guests. 33645427 Hazeltine Three tier on silver plateau. Serves 120 48498631 Simplly Red Roses On round glass plateau. Serves 120 48498638 Cookies and Butter Cream 40 servings with glass separators 48498632 Arboretum Tea Room On glass plateau. Serves 90. 48498633 Daisy Fresh Serves 120 48498635 Pink Ice On glass plateau. Serves 130 48498634 Solo Orchid Displayed on Glass plateau. Serves 130 48498636 Two Will Become One On Glass Plateau. Serves 130 48498637 Black and White On glass plateau. Serves 130 48498639 Groom's cake #1 48456169 Chocolate Chocolate Groom's Cake Bride and Groom's monograms 48498640 Minneapolis City Hall Serves 130. On glass plateau 48498651 At the Graves Hotel Monogram topper with glass plateau. Serves 130 48498642 Christmas Delight Serves 150 48498655 Grooms cake #2 48505387 Westwood Serves 130. On glass cake plateau. 48498656 Only Orchids at the Arboretum On silver plateau. Serves 120 48498641 Vermacelli Joy Serves 130 Square 48505389 Retro 1969 On Glass Plateau. Serves 160 48498643 Oriental Grace Serves 120 with 2 inch flower pack 48498644 Las Vegas Glass separators and glass plateau 48498645 Country Western Displayed on tall plastic pillars and fountain 48498646 Sunny Yellow 2 inch flower pack and glass plateau 48498647 Jenny Serves 120. On glass Ikea Plateau 48498649 Jenny Serves 120 48498650 Cinderella Serves 120 on plastic tiered cake stands 48498653 Lacy Trio Serves 120. Displayed on tiered cake stands 48498654 Heart to Heart Serves 150. On plastic cake stands. 48498657 Autum Wedding at the Arboretum Tiered cake plateaus, serves 150 guests. 58801387 Spring Mix 2 inch flower pack with silver plateau 48505383 Coco Butter Cream Swirl On silver plateau, serves 120 48498661 Tumbling Gerbs Serves 120 on Silver Plateau 48505385 Tailored Mongogram Serves 120, on silver plateau 48505390 Small and Intimate Serves 40 on silver plateau 48505386 Pearls and Ribbon 48505391 Squares and Chocolate Tuxedo cake iced in a chocolate buttercream icing. Displayed on a square glass plateau. $3.00 per serving. 108136848 Chocolate Lovers TUXEDO CAKE 4 tier cake serves 160. $3.50 per serving for Gnash chocolate on Tuxedo cake. 48505392 Lavender Lush 2 inch flower pack on silver plateau 48505394 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum party Glass cake plateau, cake serves 120 55878710 Fall leaves at the Arboretum Monogram topper 55878711 Lavender and Lace at the Arboretum Silver cake plateau Lavender icing with white lace icing. 55878712 Meredith and Alan '09 Arboretum Garden Wedding 58799182 Interlachen Country Club Simple pink ribbon on ivory butter cream icing. Serves 120 55878713 Eden Prairie Garden Room 2 inch flower pack, serves 120 48505388 Cassie Square/round serves 150 168780912 Sweet Catherine 50 guest square cake on square glass plateau. 58799183 Deer Run Golf Course Cordial separators and glass plateau. 93503277 Roses and Champagne Glass plateau on top of 15 champagne glasses. 3 tiers all the same size with bubbles rising up the side of cake. 95895627 Black and Red theme 3 tier cake serves 80 guests. Displayed on a glass plateau. 108135419 Carlson Rotunda Three tier 12"-8"-6" serves 70 124690672 Orchids Galore 2 tier serves 40 guests 125576795 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Party room. Ready to party in the Snyder Building. 2009 58801388 Snyder Auditorium Arboretum Table settings in white and white chair covers. 95895626 Logo Home page 33650824 Miranda Serves 120 Red Velvet/ cream cheese mousse. 181171163 Miranda 3 tier on glass cake plateau. Lights under plateau. 1" inch wide ribbon boarders. 181171164